Friday, November 4, 2011

Occupy Sydney wants to protest at the Town Hall but Sydney Anglicans resist

According to the SMH, 'Occupy Sydney' protesters will have to fight in court for the right to hold a rally this weekend at their venues of choice.
The legal action comes after 40 protesters were arrested during a dawn raid that ended the group's week-long peaceful protest in Sydney's CBD last month.
Occupy NSW spokesman Ben Peterson said the legal action by police was "a worrying indication of the erosion of all of our rights to freedom of speech and assembly".
Police have issues with the planned rallies at Town Hall.
The Glebe Administration Board (aka Sydney Diocese) has not consented to the rally because of a wedding and a school musical event in the adjacent St Andrew's Cathedral and School.

Could this be God's way of freeing Sydney Anglicans from tyranny ... or is more likely that Sydney Riot police will get additional muscle in ridding Sydney of unwanted riff raff ?


  1. Greedy Capitalism can leave even the world's daftest fundamentalists bankrupt. Gambling millions of dollars on the Stock Market means Sydney Anglicans can hardly afford to persecute gays, women and black people. Non-racists - like Dobby Ould - are keen to show they are more intelligent than people of colour. Is there no end to the bigotry of these bankrupt Calvinists?

  2. Is there no end to the bigotry of these bankrupt Calvinists?

    No. As long as there are political-religious manipulators remain willing to send cash inside the lining of coats of clergy frocks the Calvinists will matter the size of the bill or the dates and fried chicken/fried brain! Leonardo Ricardo