Sunday, November 20, 2011

Evangelical Anglican bishop welcomes homosexual clergy does that mean Australian Anglicans previously discriminated against celibate gays?

The Adelaide Advertiser reports... Adelaide's new Anglican Bishop the Venerable Dr Tim Harris supports homosexual clergy as long as they follow church guidelines that forbid gay sex. The appointment comes in a period of unrest for the church. Reverend Ali Wurm, an openly gay priest from St Bede's parish at Semaphore, quit her post in June after ongoing "persecution" from within the church about her sexuality. Days earlier the first female Dean of Adelaide, Sarah Macneil, resigned less than two years after taking up the post. The resignations came amid tensions in the diocese on how to respond to a global moratorium imposed by the church on same-sex unions and the ordination of clergy in same-sex relationships.

Merve it's good to see Australian's are still persecuting gay Christians... I mean where would Christianity be without human sacrifice?

Yeah Clyde... it's good to see an ex-Moore College boy spreading his conditional love and tolerance... and encouraging students at Bishopdale Theological College to listen to post-gay expert David Petersen. He's the heterosexual that set up Liberty Christian Ministries Inc. eventhough his name has been recently removed from the site!

Well it's good to know that Australia remains regressive about the rights of GLBT people in the Anglican Church... "the Australian state of affairs as far as LGB&T issues are concerned is quite frankly ‘regressive’. Sydney has control of the debate, it is infiltrating other dioceses, particularly Melbourne, and therefore influencing the debate from afar....LGB&T clergy are scared to be ‘out’... In the diocese of Melbourne, candidates for ordination are expressly asked ‘are you a homosexual’ in numerous stages of their interviews, and before induction clergy are made to swear a declaration publicly which is quite frankly shameful"

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  1. What a lovely picture of the inmates at Moore College!