Wednesday, November 23, 2011

David Ould says true equality in marriage can only occur if polygamy is legalised!

Speaking about marriage inequality, David Ould goes on further to say... Why should, as one example, polygamists be excluded from this new arrangement, or even polyamorists? Not to mention other unions which are now at the fringes of our societal understanding, just as homosexual relationships were in previous generations?

Polygamy is one way to increase the numbers of Calvinists in Sydney!

You know Snape, Dobby's got it wrong...the road to marriage equality lies in the abolition of marriage!


  1. Dobby is a greedy man. It is appalling that he wishes to have more than one wife as well as a husband.

  2. I wonder why Dobby didn't continue this charmingly disorganized non-sequitur to include a reference to his current obsession with race? Did perhaps Lord Volder-Jensen quietly order one of his relatives to apply a cattle prod to the nasty little deacon until he returned to the relatively safer ground of homophobia? Or is the boy cunning enough to have worked out for himself that delusions of ethnic superiority, like misogynist attitudes towards women speaking out in church, are best restricted to one's own tiny circle of fundamentalist puritans?