Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Transgender Queen runner up says that Christians and Muslims in Nigeria persecuted her and called her a faggott

Transgender Queen Miss Nigeria, lives in Britian, but is determined to go back to Nigeria to persuade more people to accept the third gender. She says...I was very feminine when I was growing up and often got harassed and beaten up badly...The terrible memories flood back when I look at the scars all over my body. She says that in Nigeria, a strict Christian and Muslim country, there is little tolerance for people born male who, like her, want to live as a woman. She said she was called a faggot and forced to live underground. The predominantly Buddhist Thailand displays a tolerant attitude towards people who are born physically male but as a Thai saying goes “have a female heart".
The 21-year-old Miss Thailand entrant was crowned Miss International Queen 2011 at the weekend, says will spend the prize money furthering her study in arts at Bangkok's Ramkamhaeng University.
The Pageant says the contest's main objective is to promote equal rights for transgender people in countries where they are discriminated against.
The pageant this year also raised money for victims of Thailand's floods.

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