Monday, November 14, 2011

Armidale Diocese stays true to its bigotry roots, by electing a Sydney Anglican as bishop!

The Anglican diocese of Armidale models itself off the diocese of Mordor; so much so that it has just appointed a Sydney Anglican, as its bishop. Rev Lewers has the necessary skills to promote homophobia and keep the men real. Lewers knows that real men don't mix with homosexuals or women, because everyone knows that real men love to have their real women watch as they play in their sheds!

Gotta settle for rabbits... now all those damn homosexuals have up and left for the city!


  1. Thanks for this. Armidale does ordain women as priests but does not allow them to be in charge of a parish. See Lewers began as a priest in Canberra but seems to now follow the Sydney fashion of coast and tie when preaching. Bishop Brain would occasionally stand out against the Sydney disease, do not know about this fellow.

  2. Brian,
    That sounds a bit like having a driver's license without ever being allowed to drive a car!