Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sydney Anglican,Fighting Father Dave of Holy Trinity Church Dulwich Hill, is looking for boxing opponents

Fresh from runner up status at the 2011 Australian Masters Games, Fighting Father Dave is seeking opponents and sponsors for his 60 round marathon. All proceeds go to Trinity's Youth Centre... a safe recreational place for the youth of Dulwich Hill.
See you on Sunday November 20 from 1pm at Trinitys Youth Centre - 2 Herbert Street, Dulwich Hill.
Come see Dulwich Hill’s Fighting Father Dave take on all comers
in attempting sixty (60) continuous rounds of boxing
(three mins per round/one min break between rounds).


  1. Surely Dobby Ould will rise to the challenge. Dobby is very brave when criticising others. But will he allow Fr Dave to knock seven bells out of Mr Jensen's favourite house-elf?

  2. It would be a good chance for Dobby to give Fr Dave a lesson in orthodoxy while Phillip Jensen jumps in with a few counter punches.