Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A group of 11 and 12 year olds give Sydney Anglicans a lesson in compassion and integrity

St Peter's Anglican parish school has just won the J Rock competition...Their winning entry was ‘called The Hiding Place: The Story of Corrie Ten Boom’ and told in music and dance the story of the Dutch Christian family who helped hide Jews from the Nazi army during World War II. Most of the Ten Boom family were arrested and died in a concentration camp but Corrie, through a clerical error, was released.
St Peter’s J Rock co-ordinator Mrs Laura Ralston said, “We chose this deep and moving story because it offers a message of God’s hope that even in the most horrific of circumstances and conditions, God still loves us and cares deeply for us”.

So Merve... is Mrs Ralston planning a William Wilberforce 'abolition of slavery' piece for 2012?

No Bill... she got a few contemporary options up her sleeve to help Sydney Anglicans with the 'Connect 09, 10, 11...' thing! Concepts like... Sydney Anglicans purify the broader Anglican Church ....Gender cleansing and maintenence....Persecution of GLBT people in Uganda....The oppression and denigration of GLBT people within the secular community!

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