Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sydney marches for marriage equality on Saturday 3rd December

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Sexual assault ward in the south western Sydney suburb of Liverpool, has been named after Liberal Sydney Anglican, Patricia Brennan

The Sexual Assault Unit at Liverpool Hospital has been renamed in honour of the late Dr Patricia Brennan AM, MBBS, M Forensic Med, PhD, who died in March this year.

After cutting her teeth on the misogyny she faced within the Sydney Anglican diocese, Patricia devoted her life to the fight for women's rights. She started work in the Liverpool Sexual Assault Unit in 1996 and was later appointed Medical Director of the Sydney South West Area Health Service Sexual Assault Services.

Ex USSR state to recognise same-sex relationships while Sydney Anglicans keep up the Cold War on sexual orientation

Sydney Star Observer reports that unlike those 'behind the iron curtain' in Sydney ...Estonia looks set to become the first former Soviet state to legally recognise same-sex relationships with the Government proposing a civil partnership scheme... Justice Minister Kristen Michal ... said civil partnerships were necessary to provide legal protections to the children of same-sex couples. “Seeking practical solutions to protect the weaker party is the common goal of [everyone] in Parliament,” he said.

A group of 11 and 12 year olds give Sydney Anglicans a lesson in compassion and integrity

St Peter's Anglican parish school has just won the J Rock competition...Their winning entry was ‘called The Hiding Place: The Story of Corrie Ten Boom’ and told in music and dance the story of the Dutch Christian family who helped hide Jews from the Nazi army during World War II. Most of the Ten Boom family were arrested and died in a concentration camp but Corrie, through a clerical error, was released.
St Peter’s J Rock co-ordinator Mrs Laura Ralston said, “We chose this deep and moving story because it offers a message of God’s hope that even in the most horrific of circumstances and conditions, God still loves us and cares deeply for us”.

So Merve... is Mrs Ralston planning a William Wilberforce 'abolition of slavery' piece for 2012?

No Bill... she got a few contemporary options up her sleeve to help Sydney Anglicans with the 'Connect 09, 10, 11...' thing! Concepts like... Sydney Anglicans purify the broader Anglican Church ....Gender cleansing and maintenence....Persecution of GLBT people in Uganda....The oppression and denigration of GLBT people within the secular community!

Angican Mainstream has gone from insanity to transanity!

Compassionless Christian bloggers at Anglican Mainstream have great difficulty accepting individuals who view sex as an expression of love and not just an act of procreation. When the concept of heterosexual male headship is removed from a personal relationship, it sets the small minds of these individuals into overdrive, sending them completely around the twist! Now those at Anglican Mainstream have gone completely batty trying to understand gender reassignment...but hope is at hand because Chaz Bono is now officially a man, who is about to marry his fiance and embark upon a traditional heterosexualist marriage.

What! You want to become an evangelical and work for Narth! Chaz, you know I have a problem with extremists!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Michael Jensen says compassion is not enough...a cold heart is the key to real Christianity

Look Jesus...I'd like to help you but compassion is not enough!

Sydney Anglican,Michael Jensen, writes...Social transformation is only ever a stopgap solution...For former principal of Moore College Broughton Knox, ‘social justice’ was itself a questionable category. In an article entitled ‘Social Justice or Compassion’ he argued that ‘the teaching and actions of Jesus nowhere show a concern for ‘social justice’: The reason is that the call for social justice springs from envy rather than from compassion…

But Jesus ...compassion for another makes you want to carry their cross... and if we all carried the cross of the persecuted then there would no longer be persecution.
My child,you understand the true meaning of submission. Did you miss all those Phillip Jensen sermons? Now be careful my child... because that kind of thinking leads to peace and harmony, and evangelicals are about greed, dissention and maintaining the status quo ... that's why I advise you to remember...what the eye cannot see; the heart cannot feel.

Using big words, Michael Jensen likens Sydney Anglican Christianity to that preached by South African Bishop Frank Retief who says that the theology of eschatological deferment runs the risk of becoming unable to say anything about the presence of a real evil in the here and now.

Say you think that article was about Michael justifying Sydney Anglicans homophobic biblical stance? Or was it all about religious freedom... you know Christians using the persecution of GLBT people, as a means of identifying themselves as Christians?

Hey Ernie...does religious liberty mean that Sydney Anglicans accept the concept of polygamy in other religions?

Monday, November 28, 2011

Moore College attempts to save Sydney Anglicanism ... as the eye of the storm passes over

How many more times do I have to tell you that ONLY Sydney Anglicans have the exclusive rights to God!

Moore College has introduced a new course aimed at shooting down critics, who claim that Sydney Anglicans are not God's direct mouthpiece. The course will look at, with tunnel vision, recent books that criticise evangelical doctrine of scripture, to ensure that evangelicals remain misogynistic and homophobic, who seek to take over the world by gambling on the stock exchange. The course will also look at some great Christians who they claim have large minds, and most importantly, those at Moore College will construct their own 21st come 16th Century persuasive biblical authority.

Sydney Anglican, Fighting Father Dave, wins ABL Masters Middleweight Boxing Title

I say...Father Dave needs a corporate manager like the Anglican Church League! With it's backing, Father Dave could be at the heart of endless conflict. Homosexuals, feminists, material atheists, Catholics, liberal Anglicans and humanists... all could be thrown in the ring with him. Bulk ticket sales could be made through GAFCON and Sydney Anglican organisations like Liberty Christian Ministries Inc, and Equal but Different, could organise church bus tours. Who needs the stock exchange when you've got a star like Father Dave? None of this charity boxing for 'youth off the streets' stuff... because a Sydney Anglican knows that Jesus is not about social equity!

Now..'homosexualist off the street' has a nice ring to it!

Rowan Williams speaks about allowing women bishops to sit in the House of Lords

What... 'Moi' a bishop AND sitting in the House of Lords! Does that mean traditional misogynists will have to form a breakaway parliamentry group known as the House of Bigots... just as a matter of conscience of course?

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Will the Anglican Church League enter a Jean Calvin float in the Sydney Mardi Gras... that the words 'gay and lesbian' have been dropped from the title?

I think Mark Thompson would look devine...dressed as Calvin!

Well...he can dress as Calvin but I don't want him impersonating me!

Sydney Anglicans finally realise their Mission is they call on the talents of a mystery man

In a cutting edge approach to Christianity, Sydney Anglicans have put together a team of spies to tackle what used to be Phillip Jensen's Australia Day Convention. This year people will be denied the opportunity to listen to Phillip Jensen all day long, and instead a human dynamo will lead this group in accomplishing it's mission . Stay tuned for the promos!

I've gotta say I love modern Calvinism

Friday, November 25, 2011

Ambrose Centre for Religious Liberty says Australians see same-sex marriage as a low priority

The Ambrose Centre for Religious Liberty campaign for the continuation of discriminatory laws in Australia. At present they are surveying Australians in a manner, which they hope will turn the tide of support for marriage equality.

***Newsflash**** Fighting Father Dave boxed on for 60 rounds and earnt $3,000 for the Dulwich Hill Youth Centre!

And now he is going to try to break the world record of 120 rounds!Father Dave is in need of $12,000 over the next 12 months and rather than use the 'Sydney Anglican fund raiser model' aka gambling, Father Dave has opted to put his body on the line. His plan is to break the world record of 100 rounds, attemping to go 120 rounds. Father Dave plans to attempt to break the record in February, just after his 50th birthday. Father Dave is fighting for the ABL Masters Middleweight title tomorrow night!

I'll only sign up in February if I can have an ally in each corner... because I don't like a level playing field!

Anglican Mainstream tries to prove that Eve's urine sterilises fish and gives Adam prostate cancer

Anglican Mainstream published a study, that had as it's goal... to discover if by-products of oral contraception contaminate the environment, thus causing low levels of synthetic estrogen that increase the risk of prostate cancer and subsequent death.

Feminism works in mysterious ways...but it's a pity about the fish!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Mr Nolland...the man married to the beastiality sexpert at Anglican Mainstream,Lisa Nolland, speaks about Jesus and homosexuality

Hello, I'm the Nollands' love child, woof !

Michael Kirby speaks at a 'Changing Attitudes Australia' event in Melbourne

Michael Kirby is launching a new book called "Five Uneasy Pieces" which addresses the question of homosexuality in the Bible. The book looks at passages in the Old Testament and the New Testament which are often used as a basis for rejecting homosexuality in Christian ethics. Details of the talk is here.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

David Ould says true equality in marriage can only occur if polygamy is legalised!

Speaking about marriage inequality, David Ould goes on further to say... Why should, as one example, polygamists be excluded from this new arrangement, or even polyamorists? Not to mention other unions which are now at the fringes of our societal understanding, just as homosexual relationships were in previous generations?

Polygamy is one way to increase the numbers of Calvinists in Sydney!

You know Snape, Dobby's got it wrong...the road to marriage equality lies in the abolition of marriage!

Anglican Mainstream says Farrah is not scared of the militant gay army that uses human rights as its weaponry

An article posted by Anglican Mainstream suggests that conservatives want to label pedophilla, as homosexual behaviour... but are scared of what they call the militant 'gay army'. However they brag that Joseph Farrah is not scared to speak out about homosexuality.

So a male heterosexual who sexually abuses young girls, is no longer a pedophile but a heterosexual?

What's That You Say... A Militant Gay Army?
What's that you say... a militant gay army?
It couldn't be possible...all I remember is seventy-five years of poisionous ridicule
And descriptors like sexual deviant, sexual predator; unfit to work with children!
What's that you say... a militant gay army?
All I remember is ... Definately not human! Feelings... illegal! Love...Phh!
What's that you say...a militant gay army?
All I remember is fear, and words like incarcerate, terminate and litigate
Tell me...was the mental torture you put me through, really for my benefit... or yours?
What's that you say...a militant gay army?
by Agnes Hart

Monday, November 21, 2011

Lilydale Baptist Church Victoria, Australia ...threatens to sack its minister because he believes the government should recognise same-sex marriage

Sydney Star Observer reports that... members of the Lilydale Baptist Church will decide at a special meeting this Sunday, November 27 if their pastor Reverend Matt Glover should remain in his position because of his views on marriage equality. Although the church membership is happy with Rev Glover's work, including his preaching and care of struggling people, church members just can't tolerate his opinion on marriage equality. Glover has worked with the gay community for 15 years on issues of faith. He said...“I’ve said the church doesn’t have to recgonise gay marriage, the church doesn’t have to practice gay marriage, but I think the church needs to stand up for the right of gay people to have their relationships, their marriages,legally recognised by the Government... It’s a burden we’ve felt that there’s a group of people in our community getting isolated and oppressed and having lies said about them… making them look like deviants"

Of course I'm in favour of sacking compassionate people ... my church needs more bigots.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Evangelical Anglican bishop welcomes homosexual clergy does that mean Australian Anglicans previously discriminated against celibate gays?

The Adelaide Advertiser reports... Adelaide's new Anglican Bishop the Venerable Dr Tim Harris supports homosexual clergy as long as they follow church guidelines that forbid gay sex. The appointment comes in a period of unrest for the church. Reverend Ali Wurm, an openly gay priest from St Bede's parish at Semaphore, quit her post in June after ongoing "persecution" from within the church about her sexuality. Days earlier the first female Dean of Adelaide, Sarah Macneil, resigned less than two years after taking up the post. The resignations came amid tensions in the diocese on how to respond to a global moratorium imposed by the church on same-sex unions and the ordination of clergy in same-sex relationships.

Merve it's good to see Australian's are still persecuting gay Christians... I mean where would Christianity be without human sacrifice?

Yeah Clyde... it's good to see an ex-Moore College boy spreading his conditional love and tolerance... and encouraging students at Bishopdale Theological College to listen to post-gay expert David Petersen. He's the heterosexual that set up Liberty Christian Ministries Inc. eventhough his name has been recently removed from the site!

Well it's good to know that Australia remains regressive about the rights of GLBT people in the Anglican Church... "the Australian state of affairs as far as LGB&T issues are concerned is quite frankly ‘regressive’. Sydney has control of the debate, it is infiltrating other dioceses, particularly Melbourne, and therefore influencing the debate from afar....LGB&T clergy are scared to be ‘out’... In the diocese of Melbourne, candidates for ordination are expressly asked ‘are you a homosexual’ in numerous stages of their interviews, and before induction clergy are made to swear a declaration publicly which is quite frankly shameful"

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Anglican Mainstream publishes an article that says...same-sex marriage is really about feminism which is about the destruction of equality!

Anglican Mainstream publishes an article by David R Usher about Why same-sex marriage is unconstitutional. David R Usher says...Forget the terms “same sex” and “gay” marriage. These are victim-based marketing ploys invented N.O.W. to send us off into a heated debate about homosexuality and equal rights -- distracting us from seeing their real goal of establishing “feminist marriage.” Feminist marriage will be far more attractive to all women than heterosexual marriage. Sexual orientation does not matter when two women marry and become “married room-mates”. They can still have as many boyfriends as they want, and capture the richest ones for baby-daddies by “forgetting” to use their invisible forms of birth control. On average, a feminist marriage will have at least four income sources, two of them tax-free, plus backup welfare entitlements. Feminist marriage is government-sponsored serial-polyandry... Traditional marriages between men and women will continue, but be subrogated to feminist marriage and socioeconomically dis-incentivized....Over time, many women will prefer “feminist marriage” because of the very substantial economic and sexual liberation advantages...Marriages between two men are designed to be a “marital underclass.” In most cases, these men will become “fathers” without consent. Women in feminist marriages will not mention they stopped using birth control. Male-male marriages will be forced to pay child support to feminist marriages and become economically-enslaved to them. The taxpayer will be forced to pay for child support men cannot afford to pay, as occurs in out existing welfare state.

It's good to see that Anglican Mainstream has finally identified itself as well right of mainstream! And fellow citizens ....don't forget to damn women!

Speaking of damning women...where is John Richardson?

Friday, November 18, 2011

Anglican Mainstream defines secular humanists as the extreme right !!!!

Seriously... does anyone have a mirror?
What...Dr Sookhdeo said that Britain and Europe, owing to the rise of secular humanism, were without a moral and spiritual rudder, and this is leading to the rise of extremism...this is disgraceful because the extreme right position belongs to Christian bigots!

Anglican Mainstream is concerned about cross-dressers and transgendered individuals being treated as human beings

Chaz, just as well your attire is conservative! I wonder if those at Anglican Mainstream would object to me teaching their children... I mean I'm just being Cher and enhancing my feminine attributes!

Anglican Mainstream has published an article stating that ...Massachusetts legislature has passed a bill that elevates cross-dressing or transgendered individuals to a protected class, and grants universal access to sex-segregated areas such as bathrooms based on personal “gender identity or expression.” To Anglican Mainstream's disgust... the bill inserts “gender identity” as a protected class under the state’s hate crime law. The pro-family activist group said...Imagine finding that your day-care provider, second-grade teacher, waiter, school bus driver, store clerk, etc. is blatantly a man wearing a skirt and lipstick, possibly with hormone-enhanced breasts.

I think those folk at Anglican Mainstream are worrying themselves sick over nothing...I mean who is really going to be able to tell the difference?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Leonardo explains that homosexuality and pedophilla are not the religious right would have you believe

That's right Carol... I'm gay according to Lisa Nolland at Anglican seems a man's love for his horse starts with homosexuality leads to beastiality.... but honey, at least I'm not a pedophile!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Haydn Sennitt helps sell snake oil support for same-sex marriage grows!

Sydney Anglican Haydn Sennitt, and his 'post - gay' travelling roadshow travelled as far as Port Macquarie to peddle his 'post-gay' wares. We all know that homophobia, like illegal immigrants, is a sure fire conservative strategy,used in whipping up support for right wing policies... and there's nothing like a touch of Sydney Anglican bigotry, to stir things up and create scapegoats for angry constituents.
Similar political ploys are being used in other parts of the world, as reported by Anglican Mainstream, who described NARTH as the prestigious American National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexulity. The article states that...NARTH challenged the powerful pro-gay American Psychological Association, asserting that homosexuals have a greater prevalence of pathology characterised by suicidal risk-taking in unprotected sex, violence, anti-social behaviour, substance abuse, suicidality, promiscuity, paraphilias, pimping, sexual addiction, personality disorders and psychopathology...In the face of these devastating facts it is all the more remarkable that now all our political parties have signed up to promote and protect homosexual practices... Politicians that irrationally support an inherently unhealthy and demonstrably depressing sexual culture have become inextricably part of the problem. Evidence already suggests that the institution of marriage will be grievously harmed, and with it the inner contentment, health and happiness of future generations...Those wishing to restrain the continued creeping insidious consequences of homosexuality need to find new ways of doing so, otherwise we all stand in peril!

So Ennis, that big whooping I got in high school wasn't really about saving my soul at was all about preserving the
sanctity of marriage?

Well Jack the church owns marriage and it's doing such a fine job with it that we can't let same-sex marriage affect the trend! With all that preaching experience under his belt, Archbishop Jensen might set about ordaining Haydn.

Will Australia copy the US and see Archbishop Pell welcome Sydney Calvinists into the Catholic Church?

George, I can cope with the polyester suits, the tambourines and guitars, the overhead projectors and the all day continuous Phillip Jensen sermons...but don't let them near the money!

The U.S. Roman Catholic Church will establish a body in January to house disaffected members of the Episcopal Church, beginning with a few dozen ministers and at least two congregations seeking communion, U.S. bishops were told on Tuesday.

Sydney Anglican,Fighting Father Dave of Holy Trinity Church Dulwich Hill, is looking for boxing opponents

Fresh from runner up status at the 2011 Australian Masters Games, Fighting Father Dave is seeking opponents and sponsors for his 60 round marathon. All proceeds go to Trinity's Youth Centre... a safe recreational place for the youth of Dulwich Hill.
See you on Sunday November 20 from 1pm at Trinitys Youth Centre - 2 Herbert Street, Dulwich Hill.
Come see Dulwich Hill’s Fighting Father Dave take on all comers
in attempting sixty (60) continuous rounds of boxing
(three mins per round/one min break between rounds).