Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Finally Liberal Anglicans stand up and say conservative Christians don't own Christianity...Welcome to 'A Progressive Christian Voice'...and not before time too!

Off with their heads!

Conservative Christian lobbyists do not speak for all people of the faith, according to the Brisbane Anglican leader heading a new progressive advocacy group. The Very Reverend Peter Catt, the Dean of St John's Cathedral, announced yesterday the creation of the new group called A Progressive Christian Voice (Australia). "It is the dominance of groups like the ACL that seem to be creating the idea that Christians are all of a particular mind" said Rev Catt.
The aim of the group is not to be in conflict with the Australian Christian Lobby, which often argued for conservative positions on issues such as gay marriage and surrogacy, but to ensure there are several Christian voices in public debates. Dr Catt said the group would lobby politicians and speak up for Christians who felt their opinions were not represented by the conservative religious lobbyists.
 “One of the main aims is just to get across to the general public that there's actually a diversity of views in the Christian community, that Christians' different opinions need to be part of the conversations we're having across the board,” he told brisbanetimes.com.au. “I guess we were a little concerned there's increasing tendency to see Christianity as monochrome” he said.

Say Bill...will The Anglican Church League and Standfirm call for Rev Catt's sacking for Biblical heresy and freedom of speech?

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