Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sydney Anglican Lionel Windsor speaks about how his wife practices 'voluntary submission' in his marriage.

Yes I found voluntary submission works well when dealing with apes... and every young women should know how to protect herself by submitting voluntarily ... because  if  she is forced to submit then she may look like this...
Lionel Windsor, who opposes 'mutual submission ' between genders explains that his wife voluntarily submits to him because the Bible says (Ephesians 5:22-6:9) that he's not allowed to submit...not even involuntarily! He explains how women are like childen and slaves and are never allowed to gain their independence. That is why single women have trouble being Christian women in the Sydney Diocese...because sometimes it's hard to find a man to voluntarily submit to...and that could be where the Silverback comes in!
Hey Ennis... I remember the blog that featured Lionel's wife's story on voluntary submission. The blog was a satirical blog used to point out the damaging effect this kind of theology could have on young UK women and men. If Lionel removed the post then he did the world a service.

Oh I remember now... it was the same time that Peter Jensen was over in the UK and Ireland fuelling anti-gay sentiment...and causing extreme hostility throughout the world...before he lost the diocese's money!


  1. How truly shocking! The big bad satirists were making fun of little Lionel's most precious chattel for simply defending a value system which has for millenia kept men's most valuable possessions (aka "women") from the freedom of being whom Christ made and called them to be. Is there no end to depths to which those who dare to laugh at righteous men like Lionel and their belongings will sink?

    As for young Lionel's words about others seeking to bully him into silence: all I can say is Praise the Bible the wise men who own Sydney Anglicanism Pty. Ltd. would never engage in such tactics. Although I am just a tiny bit bit concerned about Lionel having permitted his spousal goods to have presented her teaching in a forum where men might inadvertently be dragged into mortal sin by reading it. Consequently I am morally bound to report his failure to properly enforce her submissive status to the relevant Jensenist authorities.

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