Friday, August 3, 2012

Sydney Anglicans discuss that dirty "s" word at The Briefing

Look I'm gay and Sydney Anglicans reckon there's no such orientation... so will you marry me so I can become a heterosexual?

 S... S... S... S... S... S... S... S... S... S.... S... SINGLE!!!!  Sydney Anglican Evangelicals can't be single!  It's contrary to God's Creative Design...or as scientists call it ... reproduction. I mean singleness undermines the founding complementarian principles of Jensenism. I can't be an unwedded Sydney Anglincan... I might be labelled a homosexual or a pedophile!

Daddy! Daddy! There's a lady in our church who doesn't have a husband and ten children. How can she be a Sydney Anglican?
Ennis...Sydney Anglicans reckon we're dysfunctional... and that marriage equality is a threat to society...well I don't know about you but I don't think I've ever come across people who are more closeted than this lot! It's like they live in a bubble! I think they're narrowmindedness and lack of diversity is a threat to our tolerant society.
What about Phillip Jensen's euphoria ... he nearly had an orgasm about the increase in  uni students ...he has visions of converting a higher percentage to Sydney Anglican homophobia and sexism. 

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