Saturday, August 25, 2012

It might sound like Peace talks.... but could you really trust a Sydney Anglican to put down the Biblical weaponary?

Mark Thompson, ex-president of the Anglican Church League posts an article on The Anglican Church League's and The Briefing's website calling for a way of avoiding an evangelical war. An extract chosen for The Briefing's website reads like this... Recognise that those who disagree with you on this particular theological point are people for whom Christ died. They are inestimably precious in his sight. They must not be regarded or treated as mere theological canon fodder. Even when you are convinced they are seriously in error they must be treated with respect and gentleness. 

Mark's in serious trouble Bill...He's gone soft! Any Sydney Calvinist knows that the way the West was won, was by waging war against those who were different by ultimately driving them off their land.

I wouldn't worry too much Calam...I noticed that Phil Ashey over at The Anglican Church League, is displaying evangelical solidarity with his article... Beware of Anglicans Baring Gifts . As he said's not the intolerance that evangelicals display towards LGBT people ...but the lack of discrimination and disgusting inclusiveness of liberals, that has caused the Anglican Communion crisis . But Calam...all is not lost because Phil ain't ever going to be involved in any form of reconcilation with them liberals, as reflected in his quote about them... "This is like an arsonist’s victim saying ‘What is surprising and heartening is that we are in conversation with the arsonist, and that even though our house has burned down the conversation has been a great learning experience for all of us.’

Quick Martha...collect all those Bible passages so we can attack those know all those homosexual and non-complementarian advocates!

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