Friday, August 31, 2012

Russell Powell says... Expect the unexpected from Sydney Anglicans

We always do!
...Same-sex marriage could lead to polygamy, says Jensen  
...No one is the boss of the family
...Millions wiped out by church gambles
...Sydney Anglican Archbishop faces nepotism allegations
...Phillip Jensen declares it fearlessly
...Atheists are believers who hate God, says Anglican Archbishop
   Peter Jensen
...Bishop enters battle against secular ethics classes
 ...Anglican Church leaders bewildered by Dean's outburst

How could Anglican Church leaders be bewildered by the Dean's outburst ...  have them read the Dean's... 'Devil's Father's Day' article ...and they'll realise that calling the Archbishop of Canterbury a prostitute ...pales into insignificance!

Phillip I know that I don't have male genitalia... but please don't exclude me from  your St Andrew's Cathedral's 123 men's group...the one that lifts up men's holy hands without anger or disputing order to suppress the female spirit.. I can go forth and multiply through binary fusion... I don't have to go out and find men to join the group to increase my spiritual warfare capacity!

Deary me... I recall the green bile that spewed from my mouth when some men in the early eighties picked the wrong woman to pray over with evil selfish intent... May God forgive what they did in the name of Christianity!

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