Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sydney Anglican, Sandy Grant, sees liberal Anglicans who believe in equality as carriers of infection...but he won't jump ship until bigotry no longer works as an antibiotic!


Sydney Anglican, Sandy Grant, says... Anyone in a mainline denomination infected by liberalism, or some other divergence from the evangelical faith, will have faced the question of when to stay or when to go? How bad does the denomination have to get before you decide to abandon ship?
Sandy poses these questions because the Bishop of Gippsland appointed a gay minister to a parish where people do not discriminate against gays. Sandy obviously believes that the Australian Anglican Church must remain a discriminatory institution, which exists ONLY for the likes of Sydney Anglicans, who are comfortable in preaching prejudice and intolerance.

Sandy goes onto say... Recently, this question came closer to home as an evangelical Anglican pastor in Australia, when a bishop in another diocese knowingly appointed a clergyman in an open same-sex relationship to charge of a parish. The matter was openly reported in the diocesan newspaper. (So the matter is public and I could provide links, but do not wish to give any oxygen to this bishop and his actions.)
It was actually Sydney Anglicans who gave oxygen to this bishop and his actions, when David Ould and the Anglican Church League called for the sacking of the gay clergyman... and because he hasn't been sacked, Sandy says... this unbiblical move somehow makes it even more embarrassing and difficult for evangelicals to be an Anglican in Australia than similar moves when they occurred overseas. After all, they were in entirely different continents, but this was in our own backyard, on our own familiar shores.
You know what I find embarrassing about being an Anglican in Sydney Bill... having people think that I condone :
1. the execution of  Ugandan GLBT people by supporting African bishops who are in favour of the 'Kill the Gay' bill
2. borrowing $260 million to lose in excess of $160 million on the stock exchange, and refraining from sacking those who oversaw the gamble
3.  condoning the existence of an organisation like Liberty Christian Ministries Inc, which aligns itself with groups who claim to cure same-sex attraction and promote heterosexual marriage as a means of attaining post-gay status.
4. preaching complementarianism which directly attributes to the mistreatment of women 

So Calam ... if Sandy is so embarrassed about infected liberal Anglicans polluting HIS church , then is he going to leave?
No Bill...he's taken solace from Bishop J. C. Ryle's wisdom  ...and come up with this rationale... "As for me, the Anglican flotilla is taking on water, but I am persuaded not to abandon my particular ship yet!"

Say them Sydney Anglicans jump ship when I spread the rumour that women are to be ordained in Sydney  ?

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