Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sydney Anglicans call in UK expert to teach Moore College students about the birds and the bees

Christopher Ash has flown from the UK to speak to Sydney Anglicans about "God, Sex and Marriage". He'll be addressing questions such as "What's the point of marriage?" and even "What's the point of sex?" There will even be an opportunity for Sydney Anglicans to ask Christopher  questions .

Snow White...marriage is about you submitting to me. and fulfilling my every whim... remember I'm never wrong and can never be corrected... if you promise to submit to me, well then, I will protect you from harm, and fight all your battles for you... sex is about you producing heirs, and training my daughters to never be allowed to experience equality... I want a lot of children so that I present as manly...just incase people think that I'm sexually conflicted.


Snow ... don't you think it's time to tell Sydney Anglicans that you've learnt to stick up for yourself ...and that not every prince is as charming as God?  

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  1. It's a shame that fundamentalists haven't heard about sex until they've enrolled at Moore College. They will be told it's about suppressing married women and that it isn't allowed for gay folks.