Thursday, August 16, 2012

Liberty Christian Ministries Inc presents Tweedledumb and Tweedledee in conference

Moore College lecturer and founder of Liberty Christian Ministries Inc, David Peterson, will join Haydn Sennitt, when speaking at a conference about sexual orientation. These pseudo-medical professionals will shed scriptural and practical light on how same-sex attracted individuals are like evil Gollum. These heterosexual/post gay individuals will promote outmoded theories of sexual orientation and cures, eventhough Exodus has now declared that sexual orientation is inherent within the individual and psychiatrists no longer list same-sex attraction as a disorder.

Say Bill ... which one of them fellas is post-gay and which one is heterosexual?
It's hard to say Calam. They are both such manly specimens...and  I suppose they spread that loving pastoral care, that Sydney Anglicans are noted for, by telling gays to **** off if they can't change their sexual orientation because their is no such thing as same-sex attraction. Calam did you know gays are being punished for the fall of mankind, and blokes like David don't need punishimg as badly because they aren't sexually broken.

Truly...have you ever met madder people than these Sydney Anglicans...and  they reckon Jesus accepting his fate of death, is the basis of women submitting to men. The men I've seen are more like idols than God!
Oooh... and all proceeds gained from listening to these two intellectual giants goes to Liberty Christianity Ministries Inc to cover its financial losses and help promote Sydney Anglican bigotry.  


  1. Another wonderful post. You've really got to question the logic of these people when the head of the world's biggest 'ex-gay' organisation says that gays can't change (as do all reputable scientists, doctors and psychologists) and yet the Sydney Anglicans choose to go the opposite way and embrace stupidity and harmful 'pastoral care' methods which do more damage than good.

    My parents recently left their Anglican church after refusing to give money to a denomination that supports LCMI. They now go to a pentecostal church and although it may not be gay friendly, at least it does not support a fringe anti-gay group.

  2. Ben you must be proud of your parents.

  3. Why can't I help wondering how long it will be till young Haydn is caught carrying the bags of his much older mentor?