Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sydney Anglican, Lionel Windsor realises that the word submission can hold negative connotations and he may have been a little naive when speaking about his wife's voluntary submission... With evangelism comes responsibility!

Now Magilla Gorilla...because Peter Jensen has converted you to Jensenism...your wife will be expected to submit. Mark Baddeley can't tell you exactly what submission looks like ... so we will have to send you to Bible school so you can learn   that the antonymns used in the real world are wrong... and those who have written and studied Jensenism are the only ones who actually know what the word submission really means ... and no ...the word submission is not an irresponsible term when applied to a broader community who are not skilled in the intricacies of Jensenism!
Calam that Lionel seems like a nice fella... but as he says very niave... Is he suggesting that Christian men are never abusive to women ...and never take doctrine literally? As I said Calam...I reckon that mixing in the real world, instead of always hanging out with the a good prerequisite to preaching doctrine to people who come from a variety of backgrounds, where values and terminology may differ greatly to Lionel's.
Yes Bill but really ...what is it about a man's psyche that makes him want his wife to  submit? ... raises himself to the status of God and relegates his wife to that of a church full of sinners?... and only protects women who believe in complementarianism, while  condoning the displacement of Sydney Anglican women who have grown up in the diocese and want to be ordained?  Lionel's opinion that "Fifty Shades of Grey" is only read by non-Christians is a huge generalisation ...because in my world, Kara Martin is the only person that I know of who has read it!

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