Friday, August 24, 2012

Sydney Anglicans hold their LCM mini 'anti-gay conference' at a non-denominational church which advertises the Sydney Anglican website and Matthias Media ...and uses the denominational Anglican Church in Petersham as its worship venue!

A group called the Fellowship for Evangelism in the Visual Arts (FEVA) is hosting Liberty Christian Ministries Inc's 'same- sex, pseudo mental health/Biblical' mini-conference. The conference is being run by two Sydney Anglicans, eventhough LCMI is registered as non-denominatinal. FEVA is advertised as a non-denominational group who worship every Sunday night at 6.30 pm at All Saints Anglican Church in Petersham. This non-denominational group only advertises Sydney Anglicans and Matthias Media, as being suitable denominational resources, eventhough it works with 12 denominations. FEVA developed Outreach Media in 2007, a non-denominational Christian organisation that exists to "promote Jesus". The most significant undertaking of Outreach Media to date is the work of Outreach Posters, where FEVA partners with nearly 120 churches from over 12 denominational groups around Australia to produce and deliver thought provoking Christian posters on a monthly basis. Interestingly enough Outreach Posters advertise Sydney Anglican, Phillip Jensen's Two Ways to Live on its website.

So come along and join a non-denominational group of artists who advertise Sydney Anglican and Matthias Media resources, worship on Anglican property and fulfil  their Ministry Training Scheme (MTS) cadetship as a member of FEVA listening to two Sydney Anglicans (one a Moore College lecturer) speak on behalf of a non-denominational organisation like LCMI on how to respond to SSA as Sydney Anglicans do! Oh and by the way come along to FEVA's Petersham's Evening Church and hear Haydn Sennitt and David Peterson speak about a time when FEVA doesn't hold its hold its church service and Bible study! ...And isn't it any wonder the numbers in the Anglican Church are dropping ... Peter Jensen's mission must have been  about encouraging 10% of the Sydney Anglican population to become private evangelical entreprueners !

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