Monday, August 27, 2012

MOWatch dedicates a new book to Patricia Brennan...and it's called..."Preachers, Prophets & Heretics: Anglican Women's Ministry"

Looking forward to reading it from afar
Preachers, Prophets & Heretics: Anglican Women's Ministry is edited by Elaine Lindsay and Janet Scarfe (UNSW Press, 2012), and has been published to mark the 20th anniversary in 2012 of the ordination of women as priests in the Anglican Church in Australia. In it, key supporters of women's ordination and astute observers analyse and reflect on the controversy, its context and some of its consequences from their particular stand-points. The eighteen contributors include lawyer Keith Mason, Bishops Keith Rayner and Peter Carnley, MOW president Janet Scarfe, campaigner Muriel Porter, priests Elizabeth Smith and Peta Sherlock, intercessor Janet Nelson, academic Heather Thomson, and historians Peter Sherlock, David Hilliard and Anne O'Brien. The span is far wider than the dioceses where 'it' happened. Considerable attention is given to the Diocese of Sydney.


  1. Thanks, this book has just been delivered to my front door and I look forward to reading it. Some of the authors, Keith Mason, Stuart Piggin, Peter Sherlock, were good friends when I was much younger. We were all keen evangelicals in those days but it was the old style evangelicalism not the fundamentalism that rules the Sydney Diocese today. I cannot speak for them but sadly 'Evangelical' has become almost a swear word for me now.

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