Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Punch features The Rev’d Barbara Steele-Perkins, who asks Sydney Anglicans... why in a culture where women and men are equal (in Australia and England for example) is there a perceived need for bride and groom to say different things in their vows?

The Rev Barbara explains that every human being is in the image of God, who is, in God’s very being, three persons in perfect and equal submission to each other. She asks...then why is‘Subordination’used... when it
is an entirely different matter and entirely out of place; nowhere (unless it is being misinterpreted) does the Bible suggest that men and women are anything but equal in the sight of God and each other.

Bill I thought that Rev lady came from the UK, hung around churches all her life, and had been a clergy wife, as well as a Rev...then how come Bill... she's acting so surprised about experiencing the ramphant misogyny of Sydney Anglicans... I mean Bill...she must have come across the Moore College trained John Richardson, Wallace Benn and Chris her time in the UK?
She's probably one of those extremists who refused to remain barefoot and pregnant... or tell other women to do the same!

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