Saturday, September 1, 2012

Sydney Anglican Karin Martin reviews "Fifty Shades of Grey" and condemns it for promoting women's passivity and sexual submissiveness

Karin Martin has reviewed 'Fifty Shades of Grey'...and as a Sydney Anglican woman, criticises the sexual imbalance of the relationship portrayed in the book. Karin however, does not protest the promotion of the 'voluntary submission' of women, at a church, work and home level, within the Sydney Anglican diocese. Karin is a complementarian, who like other Sydney Anglican women believe that the male should lead when dancing... even when he has two left feet and needs some assistance!

I'm inclined to agree with Karin about how submission can be problematic and lead to:
... unhealthy relationships
... making popular the sort of female thinking that can lead to women making excuses for abusive  partners
... making the idea of female submission mainstream, when it belongs with fringe dwelling Sydney Anglicans
... encourages females to be the victims of males fantasies, where the female becomes incredibly passive and all acts are carried out on her. 
What was that Missy...did you ask if I have ever experienced  a bondage session?...Well if you count being tied up by Inguns...but I told Raincloud that my body may submit ...but my soul belongs to God... and he said that wasn't true he untied me and let me go. it true that  the voluntary submission  of women is actually a symptom of Sydney Anglican culture ...and it's historical male dominated influences...and not God?

Ennis... I thought that Karin would have been in favour of Sydney Anglican wives taking part in bondage sessions ...surely the husband's vow to protect her, is enough for her to submit and render herself helpless ...when her hands and feet are tied to the bedposts? 

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  1. Perhaps Mrs Windsor should read this disgusting book. Lionel has just learnt the true definition of "submission" and his wife may learn a few tips. If he allows her to read it!