Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Anglican Mainstream claim that the BBC have an anti-Christian bias?

Why wouldn't Christians in the media be portrayed as stupid bigots... when the ratbag evangelical fringe of the Anglican Church (which harbours misogynists and homophobes) holds the Archbishop of Canterbury and lawyers to ransom, to make idiotic statements like this one...
The House of Bishops sought legal advice to discover whether it would be illegal to deny John a job. A briefing in December from the Church House legal department appears to state that though it would be illegal to discriminate against him because he is a celibate gay person, it was perfectly in order to discriminate against him because there are Christians who cannot accept gay people.
And that's not to mention all the internet surfing for sex with animals and the one's who leave the church because they can't bear to work under a woman! There's nothing anti-Christian about the's real life comedy!
And Anglican Mainstream have the hide to say that Harold Camping gives Christians a bad name!

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