Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Aussie chaplains overstep the mark with poor training!

Chaplain...Everyone is calling me a faggot and bashing me up on the way home from school

Ben, look at the taunts as aversion therapy and character building. I know this is a public high school but God spoke to me exclusively, and as a Reformed Calvinist He said to tell you that you are a sexually broken sinner and in need of salvation. He recommends post-gay therapy so Sydney Calvinists will accept you... and don't worry about the mental health issues that will develop as a result of your lack of sexual identity because depression and self harm are lesser of God's evils!
The Australian newspaper reports... Opposition to the school chaplaincy program is widening among mental health leaders. Expert groups are branding the scheme potentially dangerous and demanding its $220 million in funding be redirected.

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