Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Archbishop of Canterbury has developed a social conscience, so Sydney Anglicans thought they would try it too!

The Archbishop of Canterbury has moved into the political field with his criticism of coalition policies. Sydney Anglican Andrew Cameron has decided to weigh into the political debate on asylum seekers, stating that Labor's policy on is unfair. As head of the board of Sydney Anglicans Social Issues committee, Andrew Cameron is well known for his support in discriminating against GLBT people who he refers to as broken!

I can't remember Andrew having a social conscience. He wrote the propaganda to rationalise Sydney Anglicans support for GAFCON. I never heard him utter a word when the lives of gay Ugandans, and those who were helping them, were threatened with jail and the death penalty!

Andrew says.. A bill before the Parliament adds to the existing 'character test', giving the Minister for Immigration more grounds to refuse an asylum seeker's application for a visa.

I can see where Andrew's coming from...
all Minister Bowen needs to know is if the asylum seeker is gay or not, so gays can be sent back to be persecuted and killed!

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  1. People who knew Andrew from his long ago days in Hornsby have never forgotten he once had a conscience, and will never understand his silence when Jensen shafted his best friend.
    These days they just sigh when he tries to lecture the world on ethics, and wonder if he really believes teaching at MTC is a job worth selling his soul for.