Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sydney Anglicans can't see any point in being Anglican...could it be because they are really Baptists?

In an address entitled 'Thank God I'm Anglican', Moore College lecturer Dr Michael Jensen says he is met with blank stares when he talks to students about the advantages of being Anglican candidates.
That's because they all thought they were Baptists! These young Calvinists have been taught is how to emulate the US Baptists.Their programming has included:
1. continual exposure to Matthias Media publications which are generated for the Baptist market
2. continual undermining of Anglican Church culture through evangelical church planting
3. continual exposure to Baptist propaganda
4. continual exposure to Baptist preachers
5. continued undermining of the Archbishop of Canterbury and the world wide Anglican communion
6. the glorification of John Calvin at the expense of all those who put their belief in Jesus Christ.
As Michael Jensen says of Calvin ... His followers are witch-burners and slave-traders, the architects of South African apartheid and the advocates of slavery in the American south. It is a faith which broods on the depravity of humankind rather than celebrating its glorious capacity to build, to create and to redeem.
And even Michael's Baptist parents-in-laws’ were dubious about his reading of Calvin in the course of his theological studies!!!

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