Monday, June 20, 2011

Evangelicals turn on evangelicals

Westboro announced on its website that it is going to picket Mark Driscoll's Mars Hill Church for Biblical illiteracy. Mark Driscoll's church is being criticised for leading people to destruction by lying that God loves everyone.
Mark Driscoll has reponded by saying that Westboro is ...more of a political hate group who use the name of God to advance their agenda...Doctrinally, they are extreme five-point Calvinists, or what I like to call Crazy Calvinists,"

I thought Sydney Anglicans were the crazy Calvinists! What are those Baptists at Westboro on about anyway? Mark doesn't think God loves feminists and gays! or he wouldn't be Sydney Anglican's poster boy!


  1. Way back in the 1960's, when I was a member of Sydney University Evangelical Union, I knew Michael's uncle, Phillip. Even then I suggested he become a Baptist. Now I would not wish him on the Baptists, some of whom are quite reasonable people.

  2. Brian, I think Phillip has finally found a group that fits his ideology and view of God. Let's hope Australia stays free of this God!