Friday, June 3, 2011

Bible Study in a straight jacket!

Phillip Jensen speaks about his role as Chaplain at the University of NSW. It was around 1975, and when his presence within the diocese became influential. He learnt that hell, fire and brimstone was attractive to some young people and this gave him a platform for fame. It was during this time that Phillip speaks of his first experience with the anti- Christ.
You won’t understand that until you have recognized the anti-Christ...I know who the anti-Christ is...I am the anti-Christ! said the newcomer to the Bible group.
Phillip reassures us that the newcomer was not the anti-Christ, but a young man who had just left the Prince of Wales Mental Health Unit. Phillip claifies that Satan’s emissaries are far more likely to come in subtle and socially respectable sheep’s clothing – academics, journalists, politicians, neighbours, clergy, or celebrities. You can recognise them by the lies they tell about Jesus.
That poor guy from the mental health unit was probably gay and ended up demonised by the homosexual clobber passages used by orthodox Christians back then.
If you tell someone enough times that they are bad, then eventually they'll believe it!

Isn't Phillip Jensen the Dean of St Andrew's Cathedral? Isn't that where they hold all those high profile services like the funeral for the Digger who was killed in Afganistan? Do you reckon he tells the academics, journalists, politicians, neighbours, clergy and celebrities present, that they are Satan's spawn?

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