Monday, June 6, 2011

Anglican women in Bahrain have more rights than those in Sydney!

HISTORY was made in Bahrain yesterday with the ordination of the first female priest in the Middle East.
St Christopher's Cathedral dean Reverend Chris Butt said the ordination service had huge significance.
"It is a sign of recognition in the wider church that women have a final role in the ministry of the church and not a secondary. It is also recognition of the gifts and special insights that women bring into the ministry in a powerful way."
Guests from other chaplaincies in the Gulf and further afield attended the ceremony, as well as Rev Dawkins' friends. It took place in Bahrain because of the country's status as the cathedral of the Gulf.

Sydney boycotted the event. They chose to use the time to write more articles and books on "SUBMISSION". Of course they still segregate the women from the men in Sydney!

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  1. All Sydney women should rush to Bahrain immediately!