Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sydney Anglican, Kel Richards provides Calvinist training in ringing radio shock jocks...must be a Connect 2011 initiative in bigotry enhancement

Geeze Kel's show is riviting! Sydney Calvinists love topics like broken homosexuals, militant feminists, material atheists, the Archbishop of Canterbury and his prostitution, GAFCON, the spiritual underworld, satan, original sin, shame, guilt and more sin !

Kel could get Phillip Jensen to ring up and pretend to be David Ould! Phillip's always good for a bit of sensationalism! It's got the making of a real Jerry Springer thing!


  1. The link to the sweet-but-clearly-genitally-diminutive boys at Stormfront opens a fascinating window into the intellectual breadth of little Dean Jensen's support base. How did that old truism about birds of a feather sticking together go again?

  2. Yes father, I often wonder if men like Phillip Jensen ever reflect on the hatred that they stir up in the name of God.It seems that they enjoy influencing people's thinking but shun responsibility when things turn nasty.