Friday, June 10, 2011

Phillip Jensen on proselytizing...

Phillip Jensen speaks about those who object to his sect proselytizing!
He cant see why anyone would object to ...

the gall of him trying to persuade people to change their religion or the arrogance of him telling people that they are living the wrong way and need to repent.

his delusions that Christian missionaries are not imposing a culture .

his single minded about the his interpretation of the gospel, which causes offense to neighbours.

Look! Sydney Anglicans are proselytizing

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  1. "Sometimes the missionary is not coming to preach the gospel so much as to set up a branch of their church from home."

    Little Phillip is not world renown for his honesty, but rarely has a truer and more candid admission escaped from his nasty border-jumping lips. Thank you for posting this definitive outline of the Jensenist vision for the rest of the communion.