Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sydney Anglicans want to embrace diversity... their diversity!

Raj Gupta writes ...Because God has wired and gifted people differently, and because we are each operating in different environments, we will inevitably have (or atleast, appear to) some distinctives and see things differently. This diversity means that the kingdom can be built in different ways in different places at the same time. Indeed, this diversity can be cause for celebration.

Are these the same dudes who split the church with that GAFCON thing because they couldn't tolerate diversity within the church.

Yep, the same ones who align themselves with the world's misogynists, to prevent women's ordination.

It's called counter intuitive diversity aka uniformity!


  1. We have to be thankful for the uniformity proposed by Mr Peter Jensen. If gays are allowed to marry, he says he may commit incest with an ass.

  2. Oh Fr Carte, your comments have destabilised my ass!