Sunday, June 12, 2011

Peter Jensen says... Over the years, I’ve said little about same?sex relationships.

The Anglican Church League published Peter Jensen's article called Should the Marriage Act allow two people of the same sex to be married?
Peter Jensen says about same- sex attracted individuals...
Like most Australians, I prefer to live and let live.
Furthermore, I am all too aware how close to home this is for a number of us, either personally or through family members and I appreciate that this discussion can be painful.

What's with the heading...the question mark in the middle of same-sex ?

Well that's how the Anglican Church League published it! I suppose subliminally it means that they believe there is no such thing as same-sex orientation. I mean Peter Jensen was actually on the ethics committe of an organisation called Liberty Christian Ministries Inc. The aim of the organisation, if you read the Sydney Anglican book called "What Some of You Were" is to promote a post-gay status in gays and lesbians, and if that doesn't work then the other alternative is to damn them to a life of celibacy.

Yeah...When you declare someone broken (aka in the past as sexually dysfunctional) because of their sexual orientation, then to appear compassionate you have to invent Liberty Christian Ministries Inc to mop up the mess you create!

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  1. Listening to Peter Jensen is a lifestyle choice which can only lead to sin and mental illness. It can lead to nepotism, gambling addiction, bigotry and incest. He should be made illegal immediately.