Thursday, June 23, 2011

Is Sydney Anglican, David Mansfield tone deaf or does he march to the beat of a different drum?

Sydney Anglican, David Mansfield states that Bible-lovers (particularly ESV Bible lovers) have very little in common with Australian ethicist Peter Singer... except a common concern for children dying of poverty. David says...While we believe there is nothing more important than the rescuing of people from the horror of hell to the safe haven of heaven, social, emotional and physical needs still matter.

Hasn't anyone told David that Sydney Anglicans only have one focus, which is personal salvation through the purchasing of Matthias Media resources?

I don't know why but David goes onto say...The Southern American Evangelical Baptist culture of Philip Yancey’s childhood and teenage years was white supremacist, segregationist and racist.

Again hasn't anyone told David that Matthias Media has joined Sydney Anglicans to Southern Baptists? Anyway, it might help Sydney Anglicans to hang out with a more progressive and compassionate group than only took the Southern Baptists until 1995 to apologise for advocating slavery... that's better than Sydney Anglicans who apologise for nothing!

David definately lost the plot when he said...The Archbishop (Jensen that is!) went on to speak about the Global Financial Crisis ... “I hope we have not forgotten (the biblical virtues of faith, hope and love) for we are going to need them. Faith that God is in control; confidence in his future as being that which fulfils human existence; love from him that makes us generous to others . . . . these are the qualities we are going to need more than ever as a community, as a nation . . . . if Australia does better than others in the crisis, we will bear an even greater responsibility to the poor of the earth.”

What's that quote got to do with Sydney Anglican compassion or feeding poor children? Borrowing $260 million dollars to gamble on the stock market was about greed and power. It wasn't about feeding starving children but using the money to empower those who persecute LGBT Ugandans and turn a blind eye to the trafficking of children.

Robert James Elliott (in the comments section) sums up Sydney Anglican ethos... I would be wary of engaging with Peter Singer on any moral topic without first being absolutely sure of the ground we are on. Singer is to ethics what "gay marriage" is to "marriage".

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