Wednesday, June 29, 2011

NSW Christian Democrats leader flatters himself by saying that he fears people will think he's gay if spotted in the company of another man!

Fred Nile has nothing to worry about because his bigotry and ignorance makes him very unattractive... to any sex!

Rev Fred Nile confesses ... I’m often with another Member of Parliament and we go to functions, and sometimes you can see people looking at you because of two men walking together.
No Fred they are just taking the opportunity to eyeball a bigot up close!
Fred thinks everyone has sex on the brain just like him when he says... [It’s] how people think. It happened to me when I was overseas on a study tour. We’d split up into smaller groups for meals or something. It was just interesting to see people’s reactions.
Nile holds similar views to Sydney Anglicans, in that he feels that gays require treatment. Nile said homosexuals should receive therapy for what he said was “a mental health problem". Compassionately Nile says...[But] not shock therapy or anything like that,” he said.

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