Friday, June 24, 2011

Jensen says...The ordination of women has ushered in wholesale persecution not only of its opponents but also those who oppose homosexual behaviour.

"Bigotry is a lifestyle choice!"

Phillip Jensen blames feminists for misogynists leaving the church! Phillip rants... the Movement for the Ordination of Women (MOW) presented more than a single decision. It was an attempt to change the nature of the relationship between men and women in every aspect of church life. Yes Phillip, it addressed the ill treatment and inequality that existed within relationships, all in the name of a fundamentalist God! He raves on further by saying... the logic was such that other theological conclusions, notably the acceptance of sinful behaviour such as homosexuality, could not be resisted. Just as the acceptance of women’s ordination has lead to the exclusion of all opponents so it has lead to the acceptance of homosexuality and the persecution of its opponents. Let's not worry about the years of persecution of gays and women, at the hands of those who saw their cleric role, as a chance to wield power without any empathy for those who were suffering!

Sounds like a case of one - eyed bigotry to me!

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  1. It is obvious that when women are ordained most men become homosexualists. Mr Jensen is afraid that he will become a poof if he meets a female vicar.