Thursday, June 23, 2011

Calvin lets his hair down as Moore College explores feelings and then arms up to battle evil...all in an action packed 2 days of mad mayhem!

Yes the Sydney Calvinists are running some fine courses with some innovative speakers such as Michael Jensen, Peter Bolt, Michael Nazir , David Petersen ... just to name a few! Just click on the brochure link to make your choice.

Well we're going to David Petersen's talk on Corporate Worship and Emotions... because we all know how much experience he's got using corporate worship to discriminate against LGBT people. The proof lies in his establishment of an organisation to combat homosexuality in Christians!

I'm going to Peter Bolt's because he usually specialises in the Spiritual Underworld! Peter doing emotions... should be like Phillip Jensen talking about feelings!

Oh! I think I'll go to Michael Jensen's talk on Theological Anthropology and the Emotions ...because I love being confused and I don't get satire!

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