Monday, June 13, 2011

Michael Jensen asks..."Do you have a soul?" A hard question to ask of a compassionless cult like Sydney Anglicans!

Michael explores the afterlife...Christian theologians have traditionally thought of the human person dualistically – that is as a being composed of both a body and soul... Aren’t we guilty of importing the influence of Greek philosophy when we think of ourselves as having these twin natures?...
The biggest problem that still remains, however, is this: how can there be a continuity between my identity now and my identity at the resurrection? If I am given a new body at the resurrection, then in what sense will it be ‘me’ and not some other being simply implanted with my memories?

So does that mean if you were born without legs, then you are doomed to an afterlife of prosthetics? I hope there is health coverage!

That's the least of your worries! What about eternity with the Jensens!

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  1. Eternity with the Jensens is commonly known as Hell.