Monday, June 27, 2011

In 'Jensenspeak' is the word Ould really a euphemism for Jensen?

And who's calling who a dummy?

Ould writes a critique about Rowan William's intervention into political debate. The article takes an incredible twist when Tory supporter Ould compares Williams to Archbishop Jensen. He uses rumour to paint Jensen as a political lefty, whose primary concern is social policy!!!
Ould sounds so much like Phillip Jensen, who would no doubt find it hard to speak publicly about Williams ... especially after calling him a prostitute!

Oooh! I weely wove the line from David's carefully chosen article that says... Jensen has put on weight in the past couple of years. It’s inevitable given that so much of his work is sedentary, chairing meetings and dealing with the nuts and bolts of running the Sydney Archdiocese’s $3 billion financial and property portfolio. Wowan weally should be more like Peter and then he could bankrupt the worldwide Anglican Church!


  1. I get very confused between fat Peter Jensen and fat Peter Ould. Or is it David Jensen and Phillip Ould? Or David Jensen and Michael Ould? All these daft bigots are interchangeable.

  2. Despite Dobby's claims little Peter is a socialist, the spectacular way he turned the "nuts and bolts" of his diocese's $3 billion portfolio into thin air and broken paperclips suggests he's actually a Bush Republican.