Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Australian Church Lobby misquotes Michael Kirby about polygamy

It has been reported that the Australian Christian Lobby have misquoted Michael Kirby implying that he was in favour of polyagmy.

Anthony Venn-Brown posts...Australian Christian Lobby Quotes Michael Kirby (out of context)
It is not unusual for conservative Christian political groups to take statements out of context that backs up their own negative view of gay and lesbian people.

The Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) has just launched a media campaign demonstrating once again their 'let's ignore everything else that has been said, there is only one thing I heard' policy. The video campaign is meant to prove WE TOLD YOU SO!

It's fear-mongering at its worst.

The ACL media release commences ' The Australian Christian Lobby today released a video outlining one of the almost inevitable implications of redefining marriage'.

By that, they mean there is some underhanded, insidious agenda behind the marriage equality movement. It is not that gay and lesbian couples want the same opportunity that straight couples have - to make a commitment to each other for life and have that recognised legally. ACL believes  that this is only the beginning, after they get same sex marriage,  the gays will want to marry multiple people - polygamous relationships. I think this is the first time they haven't mentioned marrying pets as well. (but I digress)

Michael Kirby was asked this question by Senator MichaeliaCash: "But only where two people are concerned in a homosexual relationship. What I am putting to you is: are you limiting the definition of equity and equality in relationships to purely a man and a woman, whether they be heterosexual or homosexual; or are you saying there should be equity and equality in relationships regardless of, for example, the number of people participating in that relationship?"

In the ACL video they use Michael Kirby's response to Senator MichaeliaCash's question. Michael Kirby's answer has been taken out of context by using three sentences and  ignoring the other 3,600 words he spoke about the need for Australia to grant marriage equality to same sex couples as a human right.

Michael Kirby's response was to that question only. But not according to the ACL.

ACL neglected to quote this bit from Michael Kirby.

'It is entirely reasonable to ask where the logic takes us. As a lawyer and as a judge that is something one has to do all the time. But, if we look at the countries that have accepted recognition of equality for homosexual couples and bisexual couples, there has not actually been a stampede of demand for trios, quadruples and other relationships. It has not led, in my respectful view, to any damage to heterosexual relationships. I have never had a satisfactory explanation made to me of how my loving relationship of 43 years with my partner has in any way damaged the institution of marriage or would, if marriage were available to us, damage that relationship, diminish it or degrade it in any fashion whatsoever. On the contrary, I would respectfully suggest that securing access to marriage entitlements would encourage stable relationships, and the committee"
If you are really interested you can read the entire question and answer session of the committee hearing by clicking here.

Beryl... I see where the ACL describe themselves as the voice for values. Well Daisy ...lies and gambling seem to be the values required to implement God's word! Daisy did you know that once marriage equality is achieved we can go and marry a few other people because our marriage will lead to polygamy...eventhough as Kerryn Phelps points out that polygamy exists in countries that persecute gays!


  1. What has telling the truth got to do with Calvinism? A few lies in God's name helps spread His Word.

  2. "eventhough as Kerryn Phelps points out that polygamy exists in countries that persecute gays !"
    She's actually wrong there. South Africa has same-sex marriage AND polygamy. I support marriage equality, but just sayin'.