Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sydney Anglicans call upon all homophobes to attend the launch of Sexegexis...a book aimed to keep gays and lesbians excluded from Anglicanism

St Andrew's Cathedral welcomes all bigots and homophobes who wish to dress prejudice up as Biblical authenticity, to a book launch at the Cathedral on June 14th at 11.00am. A book has been written by evangelicals so of course it is about Gay Sex. Sydney Anglicans are responsible for its distribution through Youthworks. Generally, Sydney Anglicans specialise in books that promote the oppression of women, however with marriage equality becoming a human rights issue in developing countries, Sydney Anglicans and their Moore College graduates throughout Australia have decided to launch a book about the unGodliness of homosexuals and lesbians. They are doing this because God spoke to Sydney Anglicans exclusively when he sat down and wrote the Bible. It is well  known that an Anglican Church League member is really a reincarnation of Moses in a polyester suit who has traded stone tablets for a Bible filled with hate filled passages to be used against women and gays. Dreadful liberal Anglicans committed an act of treason against God when they wrote a book called the "Five Uneasy Pieces" which took the Bible passages used against SSA people and looked at them in a contemporary context. Everyone knows that Anglicanism belongs in the 16th Century and it's implementation is best suited to the standards and values reflected in third world countries that oppress women and kill gays.
Yeah so let's call upon the Diocese of Tassie to join Sydney Anglicans in the best darn Hoedown in Australia since the ordination of women!
Geeze Darlene...all the best stuff is on  at St Andrew's Cathedral...Look I missed the Greatest sermon ever...Unjust generosity. Do you think it might be like conditional hospitality?


  1. I have bought every copy of Five Easy Pieces.
    I shall be burning them outside Dean Jensen's Chapel. If any homo passes by, we'll push them on the fire!

  2. "A book has been written by evangelicals so of course it is about Gay Sex."

    Have a look at this article where someone has tallied the Australian Christian Lobby's media releases under various categories. It shows that they pronounce on LGBT issues at a rate of fives times that of any other issue!