Friday, June 29, 2012

Phillip Jensen wants the right to discriminate and cause dissention within the public sector

Phillip Jensen criticises the media for what he believes is the libertarian censoring of fundamentalists like himself. Phillip is finding it hard to practise his Christianity because his fundamental right to discriminate within the public arena has been compromised. Phillip claims that...To question migration policy is to be called a racist. To question Islam is to be attacked as ‘Islamophobic’. To oppose homosexual marriage is to be labelled ‘homophobic’. To question abortion ethics is ‘an affront to women’s rights’. Phillip says that democracy is no longer the rule of fundamentalists like him but the rule of ‘right thinking’ people i.e. non-religious people.
Yes but all is not lost Phillip because there is always totalitarian  Jensenism, where fundamentalism flourishes unopposed within the Sydney diocese... a world where the 'Southern Cross' can print biased articles and refuse to publish the letters written by liberal Anglicans; an environment where the Sydney Anglican website avoids publishing the impact that evangelicals and Anglicans have had on the human rights of GLBT people in Uganda. Oh... and what about Sydney Anglican's attitudes towards Anglicans who don't believe in discrimination against gays, the literal interpretation of  Noah or women being forced to remain subservient to male clergy? I'm sure they are encouraged to leave the diocese because they are not seen as 'right thinking' or religious enough?

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