Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dog Tags for Gays in Queensland...and Anglican Mainstream thinks it's a good idea!

Anglican Mainstream has used Queensland, Australia as a source of hope in rolling back gay rights. The newly elected Liberal government in Queensland, last week rolled back the state’s Civil Partnerships Act to prohibit state-sanctioned ceremonies and change the name of civil unions to registered relationships. The Sydney Star Observer reports that Nathan Stoneham has created dog tags to potentially replace rings to send a strong political message. Nathan said...This process of registering your relationship sounds like the same thing you’d do with your dog or your trailer. It’s not very romantic... This gives people a way to get the message out that things are going backwards in Queensland.
The tags are engraved with “DOG TAGS FOR GAYS” with a unique, meaningless registration number.

I wonder if that lovely little Dobby or Canon Sugden would like me to order them one. They could be registered as ugly bigot 007 and 008.


  1. It is typical of the revisionist agenda that dogs should be allowed to marry. We Sydney Anglicans can't marry an obedient bitch. Only a woman.

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