Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Chief Executive of Moore College asks ... Does Moore Matter?

Well someone's got to be a bigot magnet for the world's homophobes and misogynists ... and who better to provide a curriculum based upon bigotry than Moore College?

Sydney Anglicans are finding themselves alienated when living  NSW ... because unlike Sydney Anglicans, the majority of people in NSW believe that SSA people are human. That's why they are urging federal parliamentarians to legalise same-sex marriage. Sydney Anglicans have been forced to look at their 21st Century relevance. They are being forced to ask  if Moore College still matters? Moore's CEO, Cam Capel says this is a critical question and one for the future of the church in Sydney, Australia and the world.  Cam points out that Moore College is not merely some academic institution but the influencer and shaper of prejudical Baptist and Anglican ministers, throughout the Diocese of Sydney and the world. Cam goes onto say that  with homophobia and sexism coming under global pressure, Moore College's  role is more important than ever in maintaining right wing bigotry throughout the world.
...And to the future growth of Atheism


  1. You know Calamity: he's actually right about Mordor's Institute of Indoctrination and Discipline mattering. Where else could those like him find employment outside of some strange and secretive foundation in the hills operated by people who really like uniforms and silly little moustaches?

  2. I don't have a moustache, Mr Troll, although I wear an old vest as a liturgical uniform. How can Miss Calamity describe SSA people as "human"? Our beloved Archbishop Akinola said they are worse than pigs!