Friday, June 22, 2012

Deacon Down Under explains how the Sydney Anglican's Ministry Training Strategy (MTS) works in preaching Jensenism

The Deacon Downunder has done a fine piece on Phillip Jensen's Hell. The Deacon Downunder explains how new recruits are converted and trained in Jensenism... the Mullah of St Andrew's Cathedral preaches about the wrath of God and how God will send his naughty children into eternal flames, where they will burn in agony if they disobey the Jensens.

Calam... I think Jensenism in the hands of less educated people could prove a tad problematic!

Now Bill... I reckon a compassionate God could put all that water  He wasted on drowning people (except Noah) better use by putting out those hellish fires. 

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  1. May I thank you for the tribute? I knew that I would convert you eventually.