Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sydney Anglican Lionel Windsor discusses 'The Anatomy of Sin''

Calam Lionel said... anatomy of sin not skin!...but come to think of it...if we shed our skin then what would Sydney Anglicans talk about because their defination of sin is SEX...that's why you can gamble $260 million on the stock exchange and remain sinless.

Darlene...don't you know anything...the only kind of Sin that matters to Sydney Anglicans is SEX because they see loving relationships as sexual degradation. Do you suppose puritanism , suppression of your sexual identity and remaining child-like or being gay and marrying a member of the opposite sex for religious credibility could be defined as sexual degradation...or even worse to quote Lionel..."Does sexual immorality, for example, really lead people to approve of other people’s heartlessness and ruthlessness?"

Oh I thought the post was about Sydney Anglicans in rapture over Sin!

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  1. Lionel Windsor has stolen my job! As the next curate at Neutral Bay, he will have a platform to spread homophobia and bigotry. Meanwhile, I shall be on the dole. What is more sinful than that?