Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Julian Mann speaks out at Anglican Mainstream and says... THE CHURCH IS


Well known misogynist, Julian Mann is asking someone to repent for the unGodly disorder that permeates from clergy civil partnerships within the C of E. Usually, Mr Mann is trying to clean up the unGodly disorder of women's equality within the church. Julian knows that God created discrimination against gays and women in the church to ensure order for the heterosexual male.

Perhaps that nice Mr Mann might be able to repent for those unGodly gays and women...that would be a nice Christian thing to do. Do you think Archbishop Williams is referring to Mr Mann in his recent article about the church's attitude to homosexuals and women's equality? It seems that the church is very proccupied with sex and gender.


  1. I have written to the Vicar of Lancaster's bishop to have him removed from the ministry. For a priest to be in a Civil Partnership may lead women to expect civil behaviour from their husbands. Women must be treated in an uncivil manner to learn their lowly role, after they sinned in the Garden of Eden.

  2. Where did your blog go David?