Monday, June 25, 2012

A leap too far for both Sydney Anglican and Saudi Arabia women

Dalma Malhas, an American-born, London-educated multi-millionaire’s daughter was briefly set to make Olympic history as the first woman to compete for Saudi Arabia at the Olympic Games. Dalma is a very talented equestrian but Saudi Arabia's repressive culture does not allow women to wear jodphurs. Jumping hurdles in a burqa can be dangerous, especially if the mare she rides is forced to be similarly dressed.  The SMH reports  that ...Saudi women are currently barred from voting or standing for office, are not allowed to expose any part of their body beyond eyes and hands, and have to have a ‘‘male guardian’’ with them at all times. They have separate entrances for public buildings and are not allowed to drive a car... But there is still hope for Saudi women, unlike their Sydney counterparts who also have restrictions placed upon them... for Abdullah has said that he wants women to drive when society is ready for it. Sydney Anglican women know that their society will never be ready for them to be treated as equals and they will always remain second rate citizens, subservient to their husbands and never able to speak out, or preach to men, at Bible study or in church.

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