Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sydney Anglican,Russell Powell critiques the public media

Sydney Anglican Russell Powell says that he has worked in the media for 30 years but can't believe Channel 7's Sunrise show could come out in support of marriage equality. That's because Sydney Anglicans like Russell believe that human rights issues, in relationship to gay and lesbians, are of no consequence. Russell Powell published nothing on the Sydney Anglican website about the Ugandan 'Kill the Gay' Bill or the persecution that occurred as a result. The Sydney Anglican diocese has aligned itself with African Anglican Bishops who advocate this persecution.  Sydney Anglicans like Russell Powell are more concerned with the preservation of prejudical Biblical authenticity that omits the existence of issues pertaining to contemporary society, than people being hanged for their sexual orientation or others being prosecuted for helping the persecuted. That is why Russell Powell displays such an ethical approach to NOT reporting of the occurances in Uganda on the Sydney Anglican website.

When Russell was a journalist fot the ABC...did he refrain from telling people about the vote being given to women or that slavery had been abolished ...eventhough Biblical authenticity was compromised? I wonder what Dorothy thought about Russell?


  1. Powell's hypocricy is malignant.

    Have you ever listened to Kel Richards' Sydney radio show on 2CH on Sunday nights? It's basically a long promo for Sydney Anglicans and their various bigotry. He rails on ad nauseum about the evils of gay marriage and implores his listeners to write to their MPs and demand that they don't support it.

    Do we hear Powell complaining about Kel's bias? No we don't.

  2. No Anon I've never had the pleasure but I bet Kel's performance on 2CH doesn't top these performances or his dabbling in print media. Yes nothing like media bias and promoting one's self interests.