Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Godless are out numbering Anglicans in Australia

The SMH reports that Atheists are now the second largest grouping behind Catholics. Dorothy at the Loonpond writes ... Angry Atheists have soared past Angry Anglicans, who dropped by 1.6% to 3.679m, way below the happy band of no-religionists at 4.796m. (by Angry Anglicans we mean that bunch of true believers who seem to accept that Sydney Anglicans are right to be consistently angry about women priests and gay marriage).

Bill... Sydney Anglican Biblical authenticity sure looks like hatred for gays and women. Do you reckon shooting Injuns is part of Biblical authenticity?

Calam...only if you your hatred is implemented with a patronising smile!


  1. I am at a loss to know how atheists can be more popular than we Calvinists. We have tried our best to show hatred to women and gays and other fornicators to bring people to Jesus. I am determined to convert more heathens to my 16th Century Sect to tell them how horrible they are.

  2. As someone noted in the comments section of Dorothy's post, while this is a significant loss of market position for the Anglicans at a national level, the figures from Sydney are a hell of a lot worse.

    "Australia-wide the Anglicans have had a net loss of 38,000. The Sydney mob, though, have lost a whopping 31,000 of the flock all on their own! Time to bring in the Anger Management consultants, perhaps?"

    The responses to the census question on religion don't, of course, reflect the number of active participants in a denomination. Not even the most disingenuous of the Sydney Anglican would claim that they have 700,000 active members. In fact, only about 7% of those who claim a particular religion attend church weekly. At least 75% of the total are best described as 'nominals'.

    What these figures do show, however, is how many people are willing to say that they identify with a particular denomination. It is largely a measure of brand allegiance.

    This is why these are such damning results for the Sydney Anglicans. They have managed to produce a net loss of 31,000 people prepared to be associated with their name. They are trashing the brand!

    And what is the big difference between the public face of Sydney Anglicans and those from other dioceses that is alienating the nominals? Their explicitly misogynistic and homophobic attitudes, I’d suggest.

  3. I couldn't agree with you more Thomas. Who wants to join a church that preaches hate and seeks support from African countries by whipping up, and supporting homophobic hatred? The whole subservient women thing is just pathetic and the sole aim is to prevent women becoming ambitious and seeking ordination.

  4. You know what really shits me about these bigots? That we are subsidising their bigotry through tax exemptions!

    The terrible irony: we are paying for our own oppression!