Saturday, June 30, 2012

Gene Robinson will visit Australia in 2013

First gay bishop heading to Australia The first openly gay bishop to preside over an Episcopalian diocese will be visiting Australia next year following the launch of his new book God believes in love, straight talk about gay marriage.

Over the years he has been a campaigner for same-sex marriage and was able to marry his partner of 25 years in 2010 once the laws in New Hampshire permitted their marriage.

"I think it will be not too far in the future that we will look back on this the same way we look back on laws that prohibited people of different races from being married or how we look back at slavery," Robinson told US reporters.

Robinson will be hosted in Australia by the Paddington Uniting Church and a collection of like-minded churches and individuals.

Bill ... would it be ethical for Sydney Anglicans who are dissatisfied with the prejudical treatment of gays and women... to seek ordination from Bishop Robinson and then return to Sydney setting up liberal satellites churches responsible to an Episcopalian diocese?
Well Calam... conservatives did it so it must be ethical... but I think it's only ethical if the alliance is certain to promote homophobia and encarceration of gays in African countries.

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